LWFyouth Blog is moving!

Dear Blog authors, readers and followers. The “LWFyouth Blog” is a platform for young Lu

Climate Justice: We are all doing our bit to change the world.

Hello everyone, my name is Lizzie Jenkins, I’m volunteering with the LWF Youth desk for a week and

Madagascar: “I never heard about these ninety five theses of Martin Luther before this activity…”

by Ms Mami Brunah BARO SANDANIAINA Three weeks of activities bringing young Lutherans together to ce


LWFyouth Blog is moving!

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Dear Blog authors, readers and followers.

The “LWFyouth Blog” is a platform for young Lutherans to write about their faith, ministry, events and news.

This Blog already has a wise age of 7 years now.  Meanwhile, many new LWF platforms have been created, such as the new Website of the Lutheran World Federation that updates you on LWF Youth and the Website of the Global Young Reformers Network.

I invite you to have a look at those fresh designs and new tools, the great range of information, updates and reflections from Lutherans around the world. Also, we provide you with resources and publication for download and always updated contacts.

In order to simplify your reading  about LWFyouth we will move our Blog posts to those  platforms.

You can find updates from young Lutherans from all over the world here: youngreformers.lutheranworld.org/updates and you are invited to subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to receive the news automatically.

All content and Blog posts from 2008-2014 will stay under this address, so you can always come back to it.

And now: Happy moving everyone!

Many greetings from

Caroline, LWF Youth Secretary

Climate Justice: We are all doing our bit to change the world.

February 26, 2015 in Climate Justice, Eco Justice, Environment, LWF together - the earth needs you, Youth

Source: Getty Images

Hello everyone, my name is Lizzie Jenkins, I’m volunteering with the LWF Youth desk for a week and I’m a student here in Switzerland.

I’m going to tell you my understanding, my opinions and share with you some videos about Climate change or Climate justice.

My understanding and opinion

So, after doing lots and lots of reading about climate change, I suddenly realized the urgent need for help. In the past, I have just watched documentaries on “Climate Change” and I never stopped and thought about it for even a minute in my life. I would just say to myself: “Well, that was good.” And move on, as if nothing was.

Only now I realize that it’s a major thing around the world and that, YEAH, we need to keep on fighting for Climate Justice.

After lengthy reading and watching videos from YouTube or various other websites, I would like to share with you 3 videos from 3 different point of views on Climate change.

The First video is Leonardo Di Caprio (who is a climate ambassador to the UN) concerns on the subject.

The second is the American president Barak Obama speech on Climate Change.

The last video is pronounced by the Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

These videos allow us to understand and see that it is concerning everybody. From the Political leaders, to the normal citizens and finally to the church.


My opinion is: We are all trying our best, we need to stay focused and not be pulled down by other people who aren’t agreeing with us.

Source: Google Images

Different links to either videos or texts on Climate Change

As I was saying earlier in the text, I did lots of reading and spent a lot of time on the web looking at videos on the urgent matter and seeing how people around the world are dealing with climate change and how people from these communities are helping, so I would like to share yet more links to videos, which I found very touching:

In these videos I truly respect the work that all the people have put in, from the people in the communities to the people filming and even doing the language translations. I would have found it very hard (from the filming side) to have worked in such an environment, it takes courage I think.

I’ll leave you with a quote that is helping me go on day by day and will hopefully inspire you to continue helping:

“Firstly, they will ignore you, then they will laugh at you, they will fight you and then you WILL WIN! ” Mahatma Gandhi


Madagascar: “I never heard about these ninety five theses of Martin Luther before this activity…”

January 26, 2015 in Africa, Church, Global Young Reformers Network, Tools, Youth participation


Three weeks of activities bringing young Lutherans together to celebrate the 500th years of Dr. Martin Luther’s reformation.


Youth participation is one of the Lutheran World Federation Cross-Cutting priorities and the LWF Youth Desk is supporting youth from member churches by encouraging them to be more involved in the church life and activities. Initiative support is one of the best way to make that practical and the Malagasy Lutheran Church was one of the lucky chosen church which was been selected to benefit this support, in 2014.

Currently, the Reformation anniversary is one of the most important event for Lutheran churches around the word. Thus, the initiative consisted on bringing together young people to celebrate this event and know more about the Lutheran identity by different activities such as Sport (football and volleyball), verbal and writing expositions of Martin Luther and reformation’s stories and reformation song and literary work (poetry and book) competition.

The opening activities, started on Sunday August31st, 2014, which was also the Lutheran Communion in Central and Eastern Africa (LUCCEA) Youth Sunday  which is celebrated each last sunday of August), with an opening worship in a Malagasy Lutheran Church in Boeny Mahajanga Synod, Mahajanga Parish, Tsaramandroso congregation, lead by the Synod vice president Rev. RAKOTO Andriamamonjimisainasoa.

On Tuesday, September 2nd 2014, the opening worship was lead by Rev. David ANDRIA MONGOLANDY T. and he explained the chosen theme of the celebration from Rom 1 :17 to focus on the justification by faith as the first light which marked the starting point of Martin Luther’s idea of church reformation. State representative from the Boeny Mahajanga region officially open the celebration activities with the Boeny Mahajanga Lutheran Church Synod President Rev. RAMARO.

During three weeks, from Thursday 4th to Saturday 20th of September, verbal exposition of the Martin Luther’s ninety five theses was explained by a pastor, devotions was been lead by young person, the scripture was shared by old person daily on between 3 football matches. The writing exposition was opened for everybody, T-shirt, small booklets summarizing the reformation and Martin Luther’s story and Lutheran identity was been sell. The “Martin Luther’s song competition” was done step by step each Sunday afternoon.up to the final phase The closing worship was on September 21st 2014 in the Antanimalandy Lutheran Church, Antanimalandy Parish, Boeny Mahajanga Synod. During these three weeks of holiday, more than 250 youths participated on the sport event (11 football and 2 volleyball teams), 200 youths on the song’s competition (5 groups of choirs), 2 youths participated on the Martin Luther and reformation’s story book competition and 3 youths for the poetry competition.

As one of the organizer, I can say that it was a successful event to bring together youth for activities that they are passionate about. That created good relationship between youth and church leaders and helped young people to understand their identity as a Lutheran. One young football participant, Mr Bernard RABEMAHAZO 19 years of age, says:

« I never heard about these ninety five theses  of Martin Luther’s before this activity and now knowing them I am even more pride to be Lutheran »

and a woman theologian Ms Raharisoa MAMONJY thanked the organizer for the program that “opened theologians eyes to rethink more about reformation’s basis after five hundred years”


Mami Brunah BARO SANDANIAINA from Madagascar is a LWF Council member and organizer of the opening activities of reformation anniversary activities in Malagasy Lutheran Church.

2015: Let’s welcome one another

January 6, 2015 in Church, Climate Justice, Fast for the Climate, Global Young Reformers Network, Life, LWF, Spirituality

The watchword for the year 2015 can be found in the letter of Paul to the Romans in Chapter 15,Verse 7:

“Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.”

I find this watchword is a truly global one: only by accepting  each other we can fully experience how to praise God. In another translation -the Revised Standard Version- it even reads as : “Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”

The apostle Paul speaks about acceptance and welcoming as  key features of the Christian community. Isn’t that very beautiful? People of different attitude, character, color, race, language and gender can come together and praise God. But it is also challenging sometimes. You surely have some  experiences when it is difficult to be open enough to welcome. How can this be improved in 2015 (and beyond!), how can we become truly welcoming?
In the LWF, we can learn about the attitude of acceptance and welcome in a spiritual and social way, but also very practically. During global encounters with the LWF communion we experience : We can listen to each other. We can respect each other. We can celebrate together. We can praise God together.

And the light and joy of this celebration will shine into our fragmented world.

The LWF General Secretary Martin Junge reflects in his New Year’s Message:

In a world characterized by communication breakdowns, by withdrawal and fragmentation the prophetic witness of Christian communions – local and global – will be seen in their capability to accept, welcome and embrace the other. It is this acceptance of the other that reveals both the centeredness and rootedness in Christ. And it is hence this ability to accept and embrace the other that gives glory to the Triune God.

Youth and Children in a rural Lutheran congregation in Papua New Guinea
Picture by LWF/Marie Renaux

The LWFyouth Desk wishes you joy, inspiration, strength, courage, tolerance and global friendships in this new year 2015. May it be a welcoming one!

Surely, it is going to be an exciting and renewing one…as we are looking forward to the global programs in 2015:

  • The Global Young Reformers Network – with the global meeting in Wittenberg and regional meetings in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America
  • The LWF advocacy work for Climate Justice and the work towards the UN Climate Conference in Paris in December 2015
  • The #FastfortheClimate Initiative  continues to invites people to fast one each 1st day of the month and with 365 Fasters around the world
  • Youth Participation initiatives- youth groups in LWF member churches who strategically want to increase youth participation
  • and many more regional and global initiatives yet to come and to be discovered.

The LWFyouth Desk stays at your service to empower, accompany and support you in your meaningful work for and with young people in the church.

Blessed 2015 to you all!

Caroline Richter, LWF Youth Secretary