“We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him” Mt.2,2

Dear all,
We were waiting for this time of the year.
Whether we are alone or with our family, in our homes, on travels or even in refuge.
Suddenly there is this star, bright shining and inviting us to follow. We can discover this star from many different angles and perspectives, just as the shepherds and the Three Wise Men saw the star of Bethlehem from different places. It led them to one common direction. This star can unify us wherever we are right now.
The light of the Holy Night may come to us in different shapes- in a smile of a child or a story by an elderly person, with the Gospel’s message we will hear on that night or with the warm atmosphere we feel when being home again.

Wherever you are for this Christmas 2012: Let us be together and worship.
May God bless you and continue to accompany your steps in everything you do in your ministry.

Many greetings from the LWF Youth Desk in Geneva

Yours, In Christ,


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