“The center of our faith is the Risen Christ, present in our midst, who has a personal bond of love with each person.” (Fr.Alois, Taizé)

At Easter we celebrate together and enjoy the gift of new life through His resurrection. If you have decided to join the ecumenical community of  Taizé in France in the Holy week,  you will have the chance to reflect together about “New Solidarity”- a theme that connects the LWF with the Taizé Community these years.  After a visit of the LWF Youth Desk to  Taizé  earlier this year we discovered that we share a common vision to find new ways of solidarity.

Opening ways of trust responds to an urgent need: although communication is becoming easier and easier, our human societies remain compartmentalized and fragmented.
Walls exist not just between peoples and continents, but also close to us, and even within the human heart(..) To initiate solidarity, we need to go towards others.   (Letter from Taizé )

This way will enable young people from every continent to mobilize their energies, to gather together their expectations, intuitions and experiences: the results of this search will be summed up in a gathering to take place in Taizé in August 2015. The results  will be reflected also in the “Global Young Reformers Network” of the LWF Youth, a 4 years global program, that is going to be launched soon.

Here  is the invitation for your participation the Holy week:

“Towards a New Solidarity” which picks up the reflections in brother Alois’ Letter 2012-2015 will be offered as a workshop.  Bible introduction will be either in the morning or afternoon, and in the other half of the day all gather to exchange lived experiences, examples of possible commitments and signs of hope. At the end of the week, the group shares its work with others, for example by leading a workshop open to all.

We are looking for young Christians  going there to report in our LWF Youth blog of the outcomes. If you are interested please contact us.


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