Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Youth Message 2013

Theory and practice of advocacy, climate change and communication were the three main topics discussed over the 2013 Youth Training, prior to the LWF Conference of Leadership of the Latin American and Caribbean member churches.

Taking place from 13th to 15th of April in Managua, Nicaragua, the training was inspirational and empowering. While providing with a chance of visualizing the main issues that address the LAC youth, it was also a chance of identifying the ones that shall be advanced on. In a way of prioritizing such issues, each of the sixteen participants presented their ideas, and the three most voted were the ones elected as being the basis for the youth message and the Youth work in the region for the coming years.

Five of the participants (Nahún, Raquel, Rodolfo, Natalia and Fabián) volunteered to draft the message, which concise the learning during those days. Inputs and considerations were received from the whole group on a daily basis, a reason for why writing together such a strong letter was an exercise of team work and dialogue.

The message aims to communicate about the commitment of the young people to God, to the Church, to the care for the environment, and to the problems that affect the regions, while highlighting the contribution that the young people have to the regional and global community of churches. Take a look at what the Latin American and the Caribbean Youth have to say!

Link to the message in English

Enlace web con el mensaje en español

Lien ver le message en français

Youth at the 2013 LAC Conference of Leadership


  1. lwfyouth says:

    Thank you Zelda,
    it is great of you can also translate it for your youth (we count on volunteer translators!).
    Just share with me (see contacts) once you have it ready and we will publish it.
    Greetings to you!

  2. zelda Cristina COSSA says:

    Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Just a note to congratulate the drafting team for the wonderful report. I am going to translate it into Portuguese and I will share it with Raquel just to have a look since we both speak Portuguese then I will send it to the Youth president back home in Mozambique to share with others. I would like to recomend each one of us if possible to do the same to translate it into our venicular languages that will be great indeed. rOnce more the drafting team as made us pround I am personally happy for you guys.

    Stay blessed

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