Young people want their voices heard

October 5, 2013 in Global Young Reformers Network, LWF, Youth, Youth participation

On September 28, the Steering Committee of the Global Young Reformers Network visited the Youth House (Neuland-Haus) in Eisenach, Germany. This house is used for retreats, gatherings, learning, and other activities of the Evangelical Church of Central Germany (EKM).

Members of the Youth Council received us with joy, but at the same time concerned about the possibility of the Neuland-Haus being sold because it is not financially sustainable. In conversation with the youth, we learned that this house is more than just a place where they meet, it is a place full of stories, dreams and hopes, it is part of their history and it is very important for the German youth.

The EKM Youth and the Global Young Reformers camp protesting against the possibility of the Neuland-Haus being sold/ picture by EKM Youth

As a young participant of a program that represents and supports the participation of the youth in our churches, I cannot help but identify myself in solidarity with the struggle of the German youth in asking their church to have the youth as a priority, not only in theory but also in practice.

For all of us it was really heartwarming to find in the German youth the same fear but also the same enthusiasm for engaging in challenges that we hope to find in youth are around the world.

A blogpost by Carolina Huth, representative from United Evangelical Lutheran Church in Argentina and Uruguay  for the LWF region Latin America and the Caribbean.