LWFs first online game, the ” Journey to Climate Justice” took place on October 26, 2013. It was played by participants from 42 countries and all continents. It was a joyful learning experience and a time of global encounter.

To become a “LWF Climate Hero”, participants had to earn badges in three categories, that are also crucial for meaningful advocacy: Knowledge, Collaboration and Ideas.  Participants engaged actively for hours by answering quizzes, sharing with others in discussion and creating  new ideas in the “Forum of Ideas” . They also met new people in the “Hostels”  Chat room. Many participated from their homes, other as groups in their churches or youth groups.

LWF Team moderating the Online Game in Geneva/ pictures and collage by C.Richter

The discussions were manifold on theological, advocacy and life style related questions, as you can read here:

“First, we should even think about sustainable development in a way that’s sustainable… all too often when it comes to caring for God’s creation, we think about it terms of guilt.” (Dustin Wright, presenter from the USA)

“ It is indeed important for young people of our generation to be present at these forums since the decisions that are being made by the older generations greatly impact our futures.” (Cassandra, participant from Guyana)

The results and ideas of so many young climate advocates from the communion will of course accompany the LWF Delegation to the 19th UN Conference on Climate Change, that starts on November 11 in Warsaw, Poland.

We are now in the process of evaluating this first Online Journey, that is why the Website www.climate.lwfyouth.org is currently only opened for registered participants.

But we are thinking to open it once more, so the question now is:

What do you think, should we play it again?   Would you like to use it with your youth group?   Online or offline?

Please share ideas with us in the comments below….

  1. baraka lwakatare says:

    Am so sad I missed the game the first time, but in a part I have seen and read how very usefull it was..with the new ideas that were shared. I hope it can be scheduled again, lets do it again and online.

    • lwfyouth says:

      You will be happy to hear that we offer to play the game again between 16-24 November.
      Hope you will join it with your group,

      Best regards, Caroline

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