Empowering Christians to pursue Sustainable Farming for Eco-Justice

How It All Started…


On September 2013, I became a lucky recepient of a surprise gift from the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Youth Desk as being the 2500th person to LIKE its LWF Youth page on Facebook. The package contained a set of resource materials to be used as a Youth Training Tool Kit in promoting Eco-Justice.

Published on LWF Youth FB page announcing my lucky approval for being the 2500th person to like it’s FB page.

This happened to be a great coincidence because a couple of months earlier, I was appointed by my employer to carry out farmer trainings on “Financial Literacy” and “Environmental Safegaurds” as an awareness campaign to oil palm smallholders so that they comply to sustainable standard oil palm practices. Papua New Guinea, especially West New Britain, hosts New Britain Palm Oil Limited’s (NBPOL) major operations. NBPOLis the world’s pioneer palm oil producer under RSPO’s certified sustainable scheme. Therefore, agricultural extension officers like me are to make sure RSPO’s Principles and Criteria are properly adopted and maintained by farmers.


Carlos Hidalgo(left): Presenting the LWF  “Youth Training Tool Kit” to my Parish youth leaders.

Being a Lutheran myself, living and working in the Pacific’s largest smallholder projects consisting of thousands of Christians, I see that what I do draws similarities to the Church’s global quest for caring for God’s creations and can be integrated with respect to all three pillars of sustainability – society (People), environment (Planet) and economy (Prosperity). I believe that participation in strengthening these pillars in my little corner of the world would definately contribute in a big way in advocating Eco-Justice in the area of sustainable farming. Most importantly, I look forward to empower others to actively participate in God’s mission and to witness the love of Christ in a suffering World.This blog  tells the story; the progress, learning experiences and opportunities in personally taking this challenge in making the World a better place.

Last but not least, may this blog convey a message of assurance to my LWF friends in Switzerland and the whole of Europe that as young Christians, with a personal as well as ethical concern for the future, we are all challenged to promote sustainable development in its economic, environmental and social aspects.
Therefore, we the ELCPNG (oil palm farming) youths of West New Britain, PNG, express through this blog our commitment to sustainability whilst utilizing this network of global Lutheran Communion. By learning and appreciating our efforts, we very much encourage you take equal responsibility, as co-members of this Communion as well as consumers at the end of the supply chain, purchase and promote palm oil products sourced from our hands.

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PNG palm oil is RSPOcertified sustainable!:)

Yours in Eco-Justice.

Carlos C. Hidalgo, Extension Officer with the PNG Oil Palm Industry Corporation (OPIC), West New Britain