Church: Malagsy Lutheran Church
Country: Madgascar
City: Antananarivo
Leader of the participating youth group: Miantsa Arivony RANDRIANARIVELO
Comment from the group:

We consist of 8 young people, among whom 4 girls and 4 young men between 18 years old and 26 years old. We come all of Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar. Among us, there are students but also workers.

Our center of interest it is effectively the Lutheran theology, the sustainable development and especially the environmental protection and of course the place of the Church, especially the youth, in it.

  1. Miantsa says:

    Is it possible to know the motive for your journey? It is good, you go to see, Malagasy people are warm hosts^^
    Can you give me your mail adress?

  2. inezita portinari says:

    I amliving in Brazil now,but I decided to travel to Antanarivo in November.Where can I meet you?

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